Lamon Bishop has been involved in construction from childhood as his father was also a licensed general contractor.  Lamon graduated from high school in 1965 with a major in Industrial Occupation.  He entered El Camino Junior College majoring in Construction Technology.  After one year he enlisted in the U.S.A.F. and served as a Construction Specialist.  His tour of duty included a year in Southeast Asia building barracks, hangers, runways and many other military facilities.  After he was discharged Lamon worked for various contractors until 1975 when he received his “B” license and began his construction business.

Margrett Bishop has been involved with children most of her life.  She has made numerous trips to Mexico, India, Romania, and Africa  to work in orphanages.  Margrett is currently volunteering at a Native American school in Temecula helping with their reading program.  Margrett’s other passion is music. She has directed choirs, done solo work and recorded with her brother.  Margrett’s greatest asset is that she loves people, especially those in need. Lamon and Margrett were married in April 1968 and moved to Temecula, CA in 1978 and began their family.  They have two sons, Joshua, who is married to Laura, and Isaac.

For several years Lamon and Margrett have been traveling to various countries to help in the welfare of those less fortunate.  Their primary outreach has been to provide shelter for those who have none, build school buildings in needy areas and provide facilities for medical clinics and rehabilitation programs.  Recently they have been active in helping with housing for orphans in Swaziland.
Lamon says, “As we travel to developing countries we see a great need for schools to educate the children.  In many areas the only existing schools are built and operated by churches or other charitable organizations.  Because we feel education is so important we want to be active in providing the facilities that will offer a quality environment for learning.  Specifically we are interested in working in small towns and remote villages where many children have little or no education.”

“Many of those same small towns and villages have limited medical services.  We would like to help in this area as well by providing a facility to house medical clinics.  We are accompanied on many of our trips by medical teams that administer health care and educate the people on health issues in their local area.”