• Water Cisterns


  • Village School

              Aakra is a small village in the Central Region of Ghana. The education there is minimal, and the existing facility was inadequate.We built a six-room structure that will house 250 students. This project was started in October 2009 and the kids can now go to school

  • Fountainhead Christian Schools

    FCS is in Tema, Ghana, West Africa. The school was founded in 2001 by Faithful and Mary Biney to provide quality education to the children in that city. It has been a privilege to be involved in the expansion of the school by constructing a playground and a multipurpose meeting

  • House for the Heredias

    Tony and Margaret Heredia are self-supported missionaries working in Mexico, but living in Central California. In 2007 the Heredias had some property in Lindsay, California donated to them. They desired to build a house on this property and make it their new home base. Lamon took a team of several

  • Swaziland Orphanages

    Swaziland has been hit very hard with the AIDS virus.  Many children have been orphaned because of the tragic death rate.  The village of Bulembu has become a refuge for many of the orphans.  There are over fifteen orphanages operated by various agencies from all over the world.  As of

  • El Refugio Rehabilitation Center

    This has been an ongoing project as the need arises. We have been able to construct a kitchen and dining room, bathrooms and a house for the director. They are in need of more housing for the male residents. There is also a desire to develop another site in a

  • Nenana, Alaska

             Bob and Delores Eldridge began working with the Alaskan natives in 1964. Bob is a pilot and would fly into remote villages delivering supplies. During the summers he and his wife, Delores would host camps for the youth in the village. In 1980 they began to develop

  • Human Trafficking

    Cornerstone Charities International will begin to take an active role in bringing awareness to the crime of human trafficking. We will be come alongside other organizations who are involved in the fight against human trafficking. Human trafficking is a serious crime and a grave violation of human rights. Every year, thousands of men, women